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Scrapbook Organization Woes

Now that I have more space (thanks to a huge liquidation sale last month), I’m working on reorganizing my scrapbook stash and spreading things out.
I’m having the hardest time organizing!
Don’t get me wrong ~ I love looking at my favorite papers and embellishments over and over again (wishing I had a bigger family just so I’d have more pictures to scrap). So many great papers, so few events…
Anyway, the question of the day is:
How do you organize?
Sort by color? Theme? Brand? Season? Alphabetical? Shopping trip?
I think I’ve moved sections of goodies to different areas about 3 or 4 times so far. At first it was all the Vintage/ephemera themed goodies (my favorite right now). That was too big and still strangely random. Then, I sorted by brand. But what if a Basic Grey sheet would go perfectly with a Graphic 45 piece and I’ll never know about the greatest pairing since argyle and socks because one was upstairs on a paper wrack and the other downstairs next to the mac and cheese?!
Also, what in the scrap do you do with all of those sections of paper that are partially used, but match other 12×12 sheets or kits?! I have a ton of 13×13 baggies and I try to keep everything together that way. Now, it just looks like my scrap drawer is a Ziploc Ad. Nothing lays flat or even makes sense. I never even know what I have (yet I still find myself shopping at the craft store each time a coupon comes in the mail).
Any advice? I’d love to hear what you do for storage and organization! Also, any organizational brands/items that you really like? I think laying things flat (700 sheets deep) is no longer working for me. Things are getting squished and wrinkled (although it saves time distressing my paper).
It’s my goal to get organized this week ~ wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Organization Woes”

  1. Tons of sparkles for luck in your re-organisation Gen! If you find the answer please let me know! The only thing I have remotely organised is my paper – I was able to buy a double shop stand from a store that was closing down :(. Well it would be organised if I hadn't bought more paper which is now stashed in totes,boxes etc. as I ran out of room (much to my husband's disbelief).
    Sue xx


  2. Well I have found that old shoe boxes are great from the little scraps and my 12×12 papers I have oraganized by theme… disney, birthday, wedding, ect. And my cardstock is by color. Hope this helps and good luck.


  3. Hey Gen…what a fab blog you have…adore your work…thanx for stopping by and leaving some love that led me back to you and your wolderful cretive haven….organization….lol…as mom to 4 boyssss never been a strong suit of mine…someone once told me if I organized and knew everything I had to accomplish I would be too overwhelmed to get it done…LOL…good luck to you, I am sure you will be much better at it than I!


  4. Oh good luck! Maybe if you could find a shelf with the small shelves and grouped the paper so you could go through them in small sections? I love getting organized!! Have fun!
    You can use the coupons to buy organizing stuff too!
    Hugs, Lisa


  5. Thanks for all your great ideas! I'm ready to dig in and really get an idea of what I have (instead of buying more, only to find that I already have something like it stashed away somewhere).

    I also find that I get more done and am more encouraged to craft when my table is completely clean. Anyone else feel that way?

    I'm going to stock up on some more storage this week (JoAnn emailed some SMOKIN' coupons this week ~ please let me know if any of you want me to forward them to your email!)

    Thanks again! Great advice ~ especially “close the door”. LOL


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