Disneyland Mini Album

We took our son, along with the in-laws, to Disneyland early this month.  It was the first time our 3-year-old had been to the magic kingdom and he had a blast
I decided to make a mini-album for my mother-in-law as her Mother’s Day gift this year. 
I just finished it today and wanted to share!  🙂 
This is my favorite page of the album.  I hand-cut Jackson and layered him on top of glittery polka-dot card stock. 
I love this picture of Mike in goggles.  It really captures his personality!
Now to start on my own layouts….

6 thoughts on “Disneyland Mini Album

  1. Thanks! I love it there ~ Jackson wants to go back already. He went on EVERYTHING he was tall enough to ride. He LOVED Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. 🙂


  2. Fabulous keepsake of the trip Gen!
    Brought back memories of our trip to Florida in 1998 – mostly good – apart from Space Mountain – the boys tricked me on to that one!lol
    Looking forward to seeing your LOs.
    You have some great photos to work with.
    Sue xx


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